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Val and Rob Smith have been Resurrection members since 2004. Beginning as “nominal Christians,” they’ve been greatly impacted by their spiritual and serving experiences at Resurrection and wanted to find a way to help others have a similar experience. With no children, their estate planning focused on determining the best use and application of their residual estate for the greatest impact.

They have felt so blessed in their lives and wanted to find a way to share those blessings with others. Through their estate planning, they have defined portions of their residual estate to provide legacy benefits for designated Resurrection Ministry areas including Silver Link Ministry, Bless the School, and the Backpack Ministry. As a commitment of the Foundation to help steward the gifts of its donors, Foundation Executive Director Debi Nixon meets with the Smiths yearly to review their plan and make any necessary adjustments.

This approach provides a convenient way to invest in the longer-term challenges being addressed by the church in ways that have the greatest impact into the future. Thank you Val and Rob Smith!