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Listen to the legacy stories of Marty Mather and Margaret Nelson as told by our Senior Pastor, Adam Hamilton, and read the stories below to learn what has inspired them to such generosity.

Marty Mather was a Methodist pastor’s daughter.  She’d been a pillar in churches her entire life.  She joined Resurrection almost 30 years.  She devoted herself to teaching Disciple Bible Study, to leading 27 of these groups with an average of 15 people each, over over twenty years mentoring more than 400 people through our most in-depth Bible study.  Her students became pastors, staff persons, lay leaders or ordinary Christians living their faith differently because they had know Marty.  With each one she was leaving a legacy.

She served on our Staff Parish Committee, she led a UMW circle, she started a ministry of baking bread so that she could mentor younger women who didn’t have a mom to teach them to bake bread – and with each one she would share her faith.  She was a progressive women, concerned for justice while deeply devout, longing for people to known and follow Jesus.  She would show up at church with loaves of homemade bread and look around for someone who looked like they needed it that day – six to eight loaves, and she gave most to people she’d never met before. 

Marty passed away in December of 2020, and left the church a designated gift from her estate.  It will be used to fund efforts at discipleship aimed at continuing the things she loved – helping people grow deeper in their faith and mentoring young leaders.

Marty’s legacy will have an impact for generations to come.