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Listen to the legacy stories of Marty Mather and Margaret Nelson as told by our Senior Pastor, Adam Hamilton, and read the stories below to learn what has inspired them to such generosity.

Margaret was one of our founding members, but was quiet and not as well known.  She was a pre-school teacher much of her life. She wasn’t a person of great means.  She married late in life and her husband had his money, and she had hers.  She taught preschool and Sunday School at Church of the Resurrection, and took photos of church activities. She worshiped and served wherever needed.  Margaret loved God and loved children.


Several years ago her husband died, but even before his death she’d begun to struggle with dementia.  When Pastor Adam last visited with her at the care center, she could no longer speak but a few words, but she smiled when he walked in.  Pastor Adam sat at dinner with her and helped her eat, and told her stories about the early years of the church, and how she had made a difference here, and what was happening now in the life of the church.  She would smile, touch and occasionally touch his cheek. She seemed to know his face.


Pastor Adam anointed her with oil, prayed with her and gave her to Jesus.  She passed some time after that in December of 2020.  Margaret was inurned in our memorial garden.  Margaret gave no indication of a planned gift she’d leave to the church. One year after her passing, a six-figure gift came to the church from her estate.  We recommended that in her memory, this gift be set aside for our pre-school initiative to help children in poverty have access to preschool education.  We believe she’s smiling today knowing that she will continue to make a difference in the lives of children.