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In 1985, just a few weeks after Doug and I were married, we joined Metropolitan Avenue United Methodist Church. As I reflect on our marriage’s early years, I can see Jesus laying a foundation for Doug and me to eventually become part of The Church of the Resurrection foundation.

Metropolitan Avenue was a wonderful place full of well-seasoned Christians who had many life experiences and lots of sage advice to share. Doug jumped right in and joined the board of trustees. I worked in children’s programs and helped where I was needed.

As the years went by, we began to see some changes. The building, as beautiful as it was, began to need more than just some paint and a nail or two. There were big-ticket items to contend with such as air conditioning and a new roof. We tried to do fundraising, but with many in our congregation on fixed incomes, these efforts were not very successful. I remember sitting in worship one Sunday watching the water drip from the ceiling into buckets!

In 1990, we began looking for a new church home and received an invitation to join a new church that was meeting in a funeral home! Fast forward many years to the Church of the Resurrection of today.

Church of the Resurrection has been our church home for 22 of our 27 years of marriage. God has worked in our lives in mighty, powerful and unexpected ways through the people and ministries here. I cannot begin to express the love that God has shown us here. We are inspired to hope others experience the same.

As the years passed, God has blessed us with many wonderful life-changing gifts. After much prayer and discernment, as well as remembering our experiences at Metropolitan Avenue, we were led to become a part of the Resurrection Foundation.

Although our church today is filled with young, vibrant, wage-earning families, and our building seems like it will never be run down, the same thing could have been said for Metropolitan Avenue 50 years ago.

One way to prepare our church for the future is by being involved in the Foundation. Through our gift, we can do our part to see that Resurrection will stay a vibrant and growing instrument for God’s work long after we are Home.