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I felt called to preach and lead the church in 2015. It was like Jeremiah, ‘an intense fire in my heart’ (Jer. 20:9 CEB). At the same time, Rod and Sharon Hennig were answering their call to set up a Fellowship Endowment with the Resurrection Foundation. Rod and Sharon‘s fellowship not only gave me the enormous gift of learning, but also formation as a leader. I served on the staff at Church of the Resurrection and learned a great deal about the practice of ministry!

During my three-year journey I received the Biblical Studies award from Saint Paul, published an academic article in a professional journal and was nominated for the Preaching Award. I am beyond excited to serve full-time at Sunrise United Methodist Church (St. Louis area) starting in July 2018. The possibility for me to exercise my God-given passion for church leadership and God’s mission in the world has forever changed the trajectory of my life, my family and people I serve! Thank you!

– Amie Littrell

Resurrection is very proud of Amie Littrell as she graduates from Saint Paul School of Theology and is being appointed to her first UMC Church.